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six figure freelancer blueprint book

Attention, online Freelancers!

Here’s the Proven and Tested, Step-by-Step Blueprint to Grow Your Freelancing Business and Earn More Money Online in Just 30 Days!

Discover the “secret strategies” of premium Freelancers to get more high-paying clients, land first-class projects, and charge higher fees – with consistency and predictability.

“The only book you need to get started in Freelancing… If there was a book like this when I first started, I would have reached my goal far easier and faster."
Nix Eniego
Digital Marketing Consultant, Philippines No. 1 Growth Hacker, Co-Founder of Social Media Academy
“If I was starting [in Freelancing] my ultimate hack would be to buy this book!”
Marvin De Leon
Founder of Freelance Blend, Co-editor and co-author of Cyberpreneur Philippines

Some awesome stuff you’ll find inside the book …

  • As an Online Freelancer, you need to begin first at the very bottom charging at least $3 per hour, right? Wrong! Inside this book, you’ll learn the exact steps you need to charge higher even if you’re just a newbie.
  • Sneaky methods used by clients to force you to charge lower rates – and how you can reverse it to your advantage.
  • The reason I was able to charge $1,000 from a $100 project – and how you can duplicate the process.
  • The truth about getting high-paying clients and why most Freelancers are doing the “client-getting process” wrong.
  • Better than Upwork: Sources of high-ticket projects that staring you right in the face all day – while you don’t even know it.
  • The most important weapon used by Premium Freelancers to transform inexperienced newbies into trusted experts in their fields.
  • What you should start doing right now as a Freelancer (if you don’t want to get out of business in 3 to 5 years)
  • Other proven hacks and tips that can take your Freelancing business to the next level!

What top Freelancers say about the book…

"Rom and Herlene were able to give you a birds-eye perspective of what Freelancing is, plus, some very practical advice about succeeding as a new freelancer.

If you want to get to know more about freelancing and find a lot of the information available online confusing and overwhelming, I highly recommend picking up Six-Figure Freelancer Blueprint.”

Jason Dulay
Jason Dulay
Founder of Work From Home Roadmap, and Freelancers in the Philippines Community
“This book is a godsend because Rom and Herlene took the proven strategies that he learned from John and put it in writing for the whole world to discover and learn from.

This book will inspire you and will teach you the first important steps to start a prosperous career in freelancing.

But please remember: this book will be useless if you don’t DO SOMETHING, if you DON’T TAKE ACTION and use the tactics that you learned here.
Marvin de Leon
Founder of Freelance Blend, Co-editor and co-author of Cyberpreneur Philippines
“If you’re a 9-5 employee looking to transition into a full-time Freelancing career, then Rom and Herlene’s book is a must-read!

The authors explain in layman’s terms everything you need to know about Freelancing. What makes this book different and arguably better than others is that it will develop your mindset that is conducive to a successful Freelancing career.

If you don’t know what to start or are simply lost in your Freelancing journey, then consider this book as your tent pole that will change your professional life.”
Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
Content Specialist, Former Senior Marketing Specialist at Digital Room Philippines